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Fully Furnished Apartments For Rent In The Forest City

Our apartments for rent are located in all key areas of London. Some of London's most picturesque areas are right outside your window in our downtown and Woodfield locations! From non-smoking houses to neighbourhood views as well as modern luxury touches, Just Like Home has something for everyone. You'll discover our Piccadilly and Dufferin suites right in the centre of the city. With historic town views just minutes away from Richmond Row and all of the core entertainment areas our rentals will leave you feeling more at home than ever. Not only that, you'll find your steps away from London's market and shopping amenities, where there's always plenty to see and do.

For your convenience, all of our apartments have state-of-the-art construction with special touches such as appliances built in stainless steel, glass countertops, fresh paint and moulding. Other London locations such as Southdale and Westdel Bourne add an element of serenity and privacy that is suitable for working professionals, work commuters and sabbatical renters. This way, you're in the city but also able to retreat and relax in an upscale residential area. 

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565-567 Princess Ave Rental

princess avenue suite outdoor image

3 Rental Units Available

2-4 Bedrooms

1-2 Bedrooms

Rent 572 Piccadilly St

External shot of fully furnished bachelor apartment at 572 Piccadilly Street, London, ON

2 Rental Units Available

1 - 5 Bedrooms + Office

1 - 1 Bedroom Bachelor

380-382 Dufferin Ave For Rent

dufferin avenue suite exterior image

3 Rental Units Available

2 - 3 Bedroom

1 - 1 Bedroom

642 Southdale Rd E Rental

southdale road east furnished suite exterior

3 Rental Units Available

2 - 3 Bedroom

1- 2 Bedroom

Rent At 1285 Westdel Bourne

1285 Westdel Bourne

1 Rental Unit Available

Beautiful Grounds

1 - 2 Bedroom

565 Princess Ave Rental 380 Dufferin Ave Apartment Southdale Rd E
$80-$100/night $80-$90/night $80-$90/nigh
$2450-$2950/mo $2400-$2750 $2400-$2750
Princess Ave Westdel Bourne Piccadilly St
$80-100/night $80/night $55-73/night
$2450-$3000/mo $2400/mo $2200/mo

Woodfield District

Voted #1 Greatest neighborhood in the country in 2012 (2012 People's Choice - Canadian Institute of planners)


About Woodfield...

Woodfield is a Victorian neighborhood located in the heart of London, Ontario. Homes in Woodfield date from the 1840s, with most homes built between the late 1800s and early 1900s. Victoria Park is found within the boundaries of Woodfield, alive with festivals in the summer and sparkling with beautiful lights in the winter. Tall trees line her wide historic streets. Woodfield is a bustling community with porches on almost every house and where neighbours know each other well.

Woodfield Community Association:

Old North Rental Suite

Old North is situated between UWO and the downtown region. Its character is outlined by the Thames, which forms its geographical boundaries, its magnificent landmark houses, aged forested surroundings and its closeness to historic schools and infrastructure. The district consists mostly of single-family houses combined with the occasional development of small to medium zone apartment complexes. Many families, older adults and teachers and students seek out Old North for its relaxing and historic properties.

White Oaks Apartments

White Oaks is a southern London neighbourhood. It has a combination of styles of residences, from single-family homes constructed in the 70s to massive, high-rise structures. There are also many neighbourhood duplex facilities. Located in the neighbourhood, White Oaks Mall serves as a transit and shopping centre. This area has been thriving and expanding in recent years -you'll have to see it to believe it!

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